2010 Kyodo News Sign-Ons


Kyodo News no longer uses the JJC callsign when it signs on before its news faxes. It is likely that the old Tokyo Radio was another casualty of the recent site closing which also caused Tokyo Volmet to move to Kagoshima.

Here are the three identifiers currently being used:


Kyodo JSC
JSC, Kagoshima Prefectural Radio (16971.0)

Kyodo News
Former JJC frequencies, new transmitter unknown (4316.0, 8467.5, 12745.5, 17069.6, 22542.0)

Kyodo Singapore
9VF/252, Singapore (16035.0, 17430.0)


Note that the last two are identical, except for distortion caused by the ionosphere. This has led some to theorize that everything now comes from Kagoshima or Singapore. More confusingly, some have suggested Penang as a location for the Singapore transmitter, though its international callsign prefix would be 9W (Malaysia).

All fax signals are tuned 1.9 kHz lower than their listed frequencies.