The Top 100 Ominous Valve Sites

If you've gotten this far, then you must have extraordinary taste and judgement. You've won the awesome privilege of designating your web pages as one of The Top 100 Ominous Valve Sites.

As always, this is not an honor to be taken lightly. If you wish to help make the Ominous Valve a household word by 2006, please display one of these logos with pride.

White Background Top 100 LogoBlack Background Top 100 Logo

The following code is suggested:

<a href="">
<img src="top100.gif" width=200 height=200
alt="WINNER: Top 100 Ominous Valve Site!" border=0></a>

Download the appropriate logo, change the file name, and become part of the solution!

     +-- Line: Cool Russian Suprematist Doo-Dad --+